Welcome to the 2023 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Bracket Tournament at Troutpools.com! Use the instructions below to help guide you in creating your brackets. Please review the rules page for tournament rules. BRACKETS ARE $5 AND ALL BRACKETS MUST BE PAID FOR BY TIP-OFF OF THE FIRST SWEET SIXTEEN GAME! Venmo is Accepted @shawntrout


Do not pay for your 5th bracket as these will be verified manually.

2023-03-14 18:44:06


  • Click "Create Bracket" in the upper menu
  • Complete the form by filling out the winners of each game in the bracket. be sure to choose a tiebreaker.
  • Give your bracket a unique name to help you keep track of the brackets you have filled out. BE SURE TO USE A VALID EMAIL as this is what is used login to the website and for payments. Once the form is complete, submit your bracket.
  • Click the "HOME" tab and enter your email address in the login field.
  • Once Logged in, click the "Payment Tracker" to view your submitted brackets and see which ones have been paid.

After payment is processed, your bracket should show as PAID.

After the Tournament begins, Click the "Standings" tab to see how your bracket is doing!

2023-03-14 18:40:43